A New Development Agenda Beneficial for All


Has Brazil Found the Recipe?

mandag 27. august 2012, kl. 12:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Redd Barna

Inngang: Gratis

The current Millennium Development Goals have been criticized for having average targets that indirectly encourages countries to provide services and opportunities to the easy to reach (the ‘low hanging fruit’), rather than those most in need in order to reach the difficult set of goals in time. In the discussions leading up to new Millennium Development Goals in 2015, achieving equity and inclusion are key issues which need to be addressed. Today, the majority of the world’s poor live in countries that have grown richer in average per capita terms and have been reclassified as middle income countries. In this new global reality, economic growth is more often than not followed by increasing differences within countries. These differences are not only in income, but are also manifested through deprivation of access to services and basic human rights, such as health and education. In this context discussions about domestic resource mobilization and redistribution of resources within countries have risen in prominence. Discussions about the post-2015 framework need to take into account the importance of debates about inclusive growth, and redistribution as well as debates about mobilizing resources at a global level (e.g. from ODA, innovative taxation) for the achievement of development goals.

A country that positively stands out in this worrying global trend is Brazil. Although Brazil is still a country with large differences between rich and poor, economic growth has in the past decade been followed by reduced inequalities. Questions to be addressed in this discussion are: How has Brazil managed equitable growth? Is it possible for other countries to use the same recipe? And is Brazil’s equitable growth sustainable in the long run? And more in general: How can we best ensure that equity is part of the postMDG agenda? How can countries be convinced to commit to reducing inequalities and increase their efforts to realize the rights of the poorest parts of their own populations?

Panel discussion with:
– Mr. Heikki Holmås, Norwegian Minister of International Development
– Dr. Rômulo Paes de Sousa, Senior International Associate at the Institute for Development Studies

Moderator – Mrs. Tove R. Wang (CEO, Save the Children Norway)

For all inquiries regarding the event, contact Irene Dotterud (irene.dotterud@reddbarna.no). This event is part of a series on the Millennium Development Goals. Read more about it here: http://www.reddbarna.no/nyheter/debattserie-om-nye-tusenaarsmaal