Argentine tango


feat. Pablo Rodriguez and Natasha Lewringer

lørdag 10. november 2012, kl. 13:30

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Oslo tango

Inngang: Billett

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Pablo Rodriguez and Natasha Lewinger from Argentina and Urugay come here November 8-11.
Quality education and dance. Now that is finally a reality, they come here to Oslo. Take the chance, they are one of the very best.

Despite his young age, Pablo has been an international player for over ten years, attending all the major and well-known festivals in Europe, teaching continuously throughout Latin America. He has in recent years formed a new collaboration with Natasha, she has studied for a long time with, among others, Andrea Missé. Their dance is playful and musical, with a great focus on contact in the couple. They love music and movement. This joy of dance is conveyed, it becomes impossible to sit still. Welcome to a sublime tango experience.

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November we will host 2xMILONGAER at the Literature House - real Argentine tango party.
1330 - 1500 Engineering course (registration only)
1515 - 1645 Possibilities in embrace and circularity
1700 - 1830 Dynamics and control of the free leg

Tickets / registration: