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Book launch: The girl with the green shirt


Heidi Auensen's debut book about a life changed by war

lørdag 24. november 2018, kl. 18:00 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Den bosniske kulturforeningen Preporod Norge

Inngang: Gratis

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

What if you were a refugee, was that all you were?

Once, Arisa was a child of dreams, who loved movies, and karate
The favorite actor was Arnold Schwarzenegger
And the best candy was chocolate popcorn
Everything wasn't perfect, but it could be
Because Arisa wanted her to be taller, she was a little lower than most
But life wasn't too bad in the middle of Europe
She dreamed of becoming a math professor
Or movie star…

One day
The grenades began to fall from the sky
Cars with guns out of the windows ran in the streets
And suddenly it was your name, which decided you were a suitable target
Nothing was fixed anymore
And then one day Arisa was homeless
The dreams were replaced by questions
Do we live tomorrow? Who welcomes us, if any?
Where can we go?
Closed for refugees
Being a refugee was not something Arisa could have imagined
What if you were a refugee, was that all you were?

Heidi Auensen tried to see the world through the eyes of friend and colleague Arisa Dizdarevic Plecan, who with his family had to flee from their home in Bosnia and Herzegovina 25 years ago. That has been the book of it. The book "The girl with the green shirt" is among the first fiction works published in Norway with the Bosnia War as inspiration, and tells the story of a young girl whose life was totally changed by tragic events in Bosnia in the 90s.

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