Civil society challenges politicians’ privileges in Eastern Europe


Debate on the citizen legislative initiative i74

mandag 16. november 2015, kl. 17:30

Sal: Kverneland

Arrangør: Council of Romania in Norway/ CAESAR Foundation

Inngang: Gratis

The Council of Romania in Norway, part of the CAESAR Foundation (The Center for Accessing the Expertise of Students and Alumni from Romania), organises a debate on the citizen legislative initiative i74, recently launched by CAESAR in Romania.

i74 is a legislative proposal initiated by the citizens of Romania, which aims at reforming the functioning of the Parliament of Romania. In order to be discussed and voted in Parliament, it needs the signature of 100000 citizens from all over the country. i74 has three main objectives:
1. Ensuring transparency and traceability of votes in the Parliament;
2. Establishing clear rules for budgeting and reporting of expenditures by elected Members of Parliament (MPs)
3. Eliciting responsibility in carrying out the representation mandate, by penalising absenteeism and by promoting transparency in hiring practices and in the management of public resources.

There will be a panel debate discussing transparency in decision making in the Norwegian Parliament as a source of inspiration for Romania, based on similarities and differences between the two countries. The debate will also touch on the role of Romania’s civil society in the East European democratic development in recent years.

Council of Romania in Norway/ CAESAR Foundation
Council of Romania is an international network of clubs that provide a setting for dialogue and cooperation for diaspora community members interested in initiating, developing, and leveraging bilateral ties between their country of residence and Romania. The CAESAR Foundation is a research, educational, and civic action institution devoted to Romania’s sustainable and inclusive development»