Democracies Today


Constitutions, Cultures and Practices

onsdag 10. april 2013, kl. 18:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), Universitetet i Oslo

Inngang: Gratis

Panel discussion. The topic of the panel discussion is the status of democracy in states with particular democratic challenges.

Chair: Christel Fricke (UiO/Oslo)
– Professor and Research Director

Hikmet Hadjy-zadeh (Azerbaijan)
– Physicist, mathematician and democracy activist

Ioannis Tassopoulos
– Assistant Professor in Public Law and specialist in constitutional law and theory

Issraa Murabit (Libya)
– Medical student and democracy activist – co-funder of the NGO "Voice of Libyan Women"

Nils Butenschøn (UiO/Oslo)
– Director, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

The participants from Azerbaijan, Greece and Libya will contribute with information about the status quo in their countries as far as the building up of a democracy is concerned; they will present their work as democratic activists; they will share with the audience the main challenges they see for reaching their political goals as they meet them in their everyday work. The Norwegian participants will share some thoughts about which kind of democracy-building contributions from countries like Norway they consider most efficient. There will be time for questions from the audience.