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Kathrine Nedrejord, Maria Kjos Fonn and Kjersti Horn

onsdag 19. september 2018, kl. 19:00 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Billett

Priser: Ordinær 90,-Student 60,-

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A young girl is sitting in her staircase in Paris, without keys, mobile or wallet. She does not try to think about why she sits there, soaked, scraped and with her panties in her pocket, and rather focuses on the most immediate: How will she get into the apartment? In Kathrine Nedrejord 's novel Forvandlinga , we meet K. who has been subjected to an assault rape and who tries to find a way further afterwards.

In Kinderwhore , also a novel, Maria Kjos Fonn takes a close look at young Charlotte. Ever since she was a child, Charlotte experiences the world as a dangerous place where the boundaries between care and abuse are blurred. The mother sleeps all day and has a closet full of pills. She also finds new fathers to Charlotte; one of them makes the world a little brighter for a short while, another shrugs off the thin foundation she has built up.

Fonn is also relevant with a contribution to the anthology Ulyd , where she explores literary treatment of abuse and aftermath by writers such as Helene Guåker, Tracey Lindberg and Edouard Louis, while also being open about her own history.

What role can literature and art play in mediating, understanding and preventing sexual violence, and how can it be soothing?

Tonight's conversation director is theater director Kjersti Horn . She has previously directed the story of Valden , built on Edouard Louis' novel of the same name, which is also based on an assault rape. This fall, she is up to date with a performance based on Vigdis Hjorth's novel Heritage and Environment . Now she meets Kathrine Nedrejord and Maria Kjos Fonn for conversation.