Expo Milano 2015


Også kultur og litteratur i fokus

tirsdag 5. mai 2015, kl. 18:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Italias ambassade

Inngang: Gratis

The 2015 Universal Exhibition (Expo 2015) will take place in Milan between May and November. It will offer a unique gateway to the world, with its over 140 participating countries but also a unique access to Italy and Italian culture. Expo’s main themes are truly Italian: food, environment, traditions. Visitors will have an extraordinary opportunity to explore those themes in and around the Expo’s areas, why not  following the footsteps of great Italian writers.

Milan is still the busy, active and yet elegant and passionate city described by the adopted Milanese Stendhal and by the father of the Italian Romantic literature Alessandro Manzoni. It also features the old districts, the intense cultural debate and the beautiful countryside underlined in Umberto Eco’s latest novel, newly published. But visitors can also see world renowned ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci, as well as his own vineyard: both have been brought to new life; or stroll along the newly refurbished city canals.

Expo 2015 will figure an additional exhibition in Venice and in nearby Padua visitors can reach the oldest University botanical garden in Europe, described by Wolfgang Goethe in his ‘Italian journey’ and where Nathaniel Hawthorne set his morbid “Rappaccini’s daughter”.