Author meeting with Gareth P. Jones


School visits for the middle school

tirsdag 18. september 2018, kl. 12:00 til kl. 12:45

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Gratis med påmelding

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

British Gareth P. Jones has among other things written books about the twin couple Lorelli and Ovid, heirs to an extensive fortune and a huge manor, which largely spends the time trying to kill each other. On the day they turn thirteen, they decide to enter a ceasefire, but who is behind the new assassination attempts then?

Gareth's new book, The Bureau of the Dead , is about Sam Toop. He works in a funeral home and has the exceptional ability to see and talk to ghosts. What will he do when someone starts to murder the ghosts? And is it at all possible to kill those who are already dead? Øystein Rosse has translated the book into Norwegian.

The Literature House is doing something completely new when we now invite the intermediate step to school visits in English. Gareth talks with author Hilde Hagerup . She can also explain in Norwegian when things get too difficult. Registration to