Global Peace Index


2015 Oslo Launch

fredag 19. juni 2015, kl. 11:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Peace and International Law and Policy Institute and Institute for Economics

Inngang: Gratis

THE GLOBAL PEACE INDEX is released every year by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The index analysis and rank countries on their peacefulness and identify potential demands of peace. Compromised of 22 indicators measuring the absence of violence or fear of violence in society, the index takes into consideration both internal and external factors, and measures 99 % of the worlds population.

The 2015 Oslo Launch will include a presentation of this year Index results by the founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace, Steve Killelea, followed a discussion by an interdisciplinary panel of experts, including Prof. Øyvind Østerud, University of Oslo; Dr. Håvard M. Nygård, Peace Research Institute Oslo; Dr. Cecilie Hellestveit and Dr. Reza Lahidji, both from ILPI.

This is a open arrangement, but to ensure your place please send an email to