Hjemmefronten og jødedeportasjoneneFoto: Jørn H. Moen / forlaget

The Home Front and the Jewish Deportations


Marte Michelet in conversation with Simen Ekern

onsdag 14. november 2018, kl. 17:00 til kl. 18:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Billett

Priser: Ordinær 90,-Student 60,-

Oppdatert mandag 17. desember 2018, kl. 14:47


I boka Hva visste hjemmefronten undersøker Michelet historien om det norske Holocaust på nytt. I denne podkasten møter Michelet idéhistoriker, journalist og forfatter Simen Ekern til samtale om et av de mest betente og fortiede temaene i norsk okkupasjonshistorie: Holocaust i Norge. Samtalen fant sted på Litteraturhuset 14. november 2018.

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1942. Norway is occupied, and the Home Front is waging a fierce resistance struggle. But when the deportations of the Jews begin this fall, they come as lightning from clear skies, and 773 Norwegian Jews are sent to the German death camps. In all years, the established narrative has been that the Norwegian resistance movement did everything in its power to save the Jews. Until now.

It was while she was working on her Bragepris-winning book The Greatest Crime. Victims and perpetrators in the Norwegian Holocaust that journalist and writer Marte Michelet received a document from an anonymous source, which broke with all previous representations of history. It was the beginning of the work on the book What Did the Home Front Know? The Holocaust in Norway: the warnings, the developments, the secrecy , which will be launched on November 8. Here Michelet re-examines the history of the Norwegian Holocaust: What did the Norwegian resistance movement really know, what did the government in London, and what do Michel's findings in the archives tell us about anti-Jewish attitudes in the home front?

Michelet meets idea historian, journalist and author Simen Ekern to talk about one of the most inflamed and past topics in Norwegian occupation history.