MinilørdagIll.: Lisa Moroni

mini Saturday


Julia eats everything

lørdag 11. november 2017, kl. 11:00 til kl. 11:30 – Utsolgt / Fullt

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Billettsalg

Priser: Kr. 30,-

Anbefalt for: Barn fra to til fire år

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

It's fun to eat! Everything can be tasted, Julia thinks. She tastes flowers and sand cakes. She wants to eat an ant, but it escapes. And she's not going to eat haresherb ...?

Grandma doesn't think Julia should eat everything. And Grandma's dog does not at all think Julia should eat her food!

Swedish Eva Eriksson and Lisa Moroni have together made the book Julia eats everything . This Saturday comes Marianne Sundal to read and tell about the charming little girl.

There will be two reading hours: one at. 11am , and 1 p.m. 11.30 .

For children from two to four years.