Opening the space for media


How do we make sure independent, critical media has space to operate during violent conflict and unstable, political transition?

tirsdag 19. mai 2015, kl. 10:00

Sal: Berner-kjelleren

Arrangør: International Media Support

Inngang: Gratis

Join International Media Support and Norwegian PEN for two exciting debates with international and Norwegian experts discussing the role of media in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and what we can learn from other countries currently transitioning out of violent conflict and periods of instability.


Maxim Tucker, Ukraine correspondent, The Times, Newsweek
Timur Shafir, Moscow International Centre of Journalism
Per Anders Johansen, Aftenposten
Antonina Cherevko, Ukraine Programme Manager, International Media Support
Andrew Puddephat, Executive Director, Global Partners Digital

Ranga Kalansooriya, Asia Regional Advisor, IMS: Perspectives from post-conflict Sri Lanka
Esben Harboe, Programme Manager, IMS: Myanmar in transition:
Roy Krövel, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences: Media and the peace process in Colombia
Ginna Morelo, President, Consejo de Redacción, Colombia

As global tension continues to evolve between those who are committed to international rules and arrangements and those who reject them, so does the space for independent, critical voices and the exercise of fundamental rights. In many countries peaceful protests are being suppressed, and censorship and political control of the media are widespread. In the backward drift of freedom of expression in these environments, independent media and the ability of media to act as a fourth estate has been amongst the very first casualties.

But there are also pockets of encouraging development; areas where democratic progress and societies based on the rule of law are gradually evolving; countries where the transition out of tumultuous, violent periods moves towards stability, citizen participation and an increasingly open space for the media and freedom of expression.

Join us at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on 19 May for two insightful debates with a selection of key experts on both Ukraine-Russia as well as countries emerging out of conflict and in the midst of political transition.