Prof.Dr.Franz Ruppert


Lecture and book publishing

fredag 27. januar 2012, kl. 18:30

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Hellinger Instituttet i Norge

Inngang: Gratis

Title for the lecture: Symbiotic trauma and symbiotic entanglement – how trauma gets transferred from one generation to the other

Evidence from Psychotherapy shows that trauma gets transferred mainly via the bonding process between mother and child. A mother suffering from trauma becomes the source for a symbiotic trauma for her child in one way or another – of course mothers don’t want to do so, but the unconscious mechanisms to cope with a traumatic experience involuntarily lead to great difficulties in the mother-child-interaction; especially the lack of mothers to be emotional available for their children. Many types of mental illnesses can be explained by the symbiotic entanglement between mother and child on the base of the symbiotic trauma.
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Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert, born 1957 in Germany, 1982 Diploma in Psychology, 1984 Ph.D. in Psychology, since 1992 Professor for Psychology at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Since 1994 working with family constellations and holding workshops in different countries all over the world (England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Brasil, China). Main publication in English: Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellation (2008), Splits in the Soul (2011) and Symbiosis and Autonomy published by Frome/UK: Green Balloon Publishing. At the lecture in January 2012 his book “Symbiosis and Autonomy” will be presented in an Norwegian edition.