Silenced Voices: Tales of Sri Lankan Journalists in Exile (Pre-Premiere)


søndag 12. februar 2012, kl. 14:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: The Human Rights Human Wrongs Film Festival (HRHW)

Inngang: Billett

This is a film about freedom of speech. It shows how much some individuals are willing to sacrifice to bring information to light.

The screening will be followed by a q&a with director Beate Arnestad!

The film is told as a personal encounter with exiled Sri Lankan journalists who have been “silenced” and almost killed in their home country because they exposed war crimes, corruption and massacres of civilians. They claim these crimes have been committed by the state. A free press and independent journalism—is a fundamental part of a democratic society.  Today, however, information is increasingly exchanged through a global network. What that means, in short, is that restrictions on a free press somewhere in the world become restrictions everywhere in the world.

Lenght: 60 min

Human Rights Human Wrongs er den eneste filmfestivalen i Norden som hvert år vier hele sitt program til å belyse den aktuelle menneskerettighetssituasjonen i verden. Festivalen består av rundt 20 dokumentarfilmer, fordelt på fire tema: Ikkevoldelige revolusjoner, Status Illegal, Næringsliv og menneskerettigheter samt Kampen for rettferdighet. De fleste filmene er Norgespremierer.

Human Rights Human Wrongs arrangeres i samarbeid mellom Oslo Dokumentarkino, Menneskerettighetshuset i Oslo og Oslosenteret for fred og menneskerettigheter. Billetter til de ulike filmene og debattene kjøpes i døra.