Syng!Ill.: Bjørn R. Lie



With Julie Sofie Reite and Amalie Jensen Tolo

lørdag 31. august 2019, kl. 11:00 til kl. 11:30

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Alle billetter 50,-. Billettsalget starter 26. august kl. 9.00.

Anbefalt for: barn fra 2 til 4 år

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Baw, baw, little lamb, Little cat and Calm, calm down, calm your boat . Join us on a musical journey together with shoe makers Julie Sofie Reite and Amalie Jensen Tolo . They have with them the whole fresh book Syng, which is a collection of our favorite children's songs illustrated by Bjørn R. Lie.

Can't you tell Mikkel's foxes the moves? What with the Bear sleeping or Little Petter Spider ? Julie Sofie and Amalie teach both songane and the fine movements that belong.

Best suited for children from two to four years.