The ‘Health Impact Fund’ as a Model for a Sustainable Global Order


Panel discuss

mandag 10. mai 2010, kl. 18:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, UiO

Inngang: Gratis

The event will provide a forum for high-ranking current and former Government officials from the Nordic countries to discuss a concrete proposal for improving access to important medicines especially for poor people. Through this straightforward mechanism, the HIF would give pharmaceutical innovators the option to register any product that would then be sold worldwide at manufacturing cost and be rewarded on the basis of its health impact. The HIF would provide access to new medicines that would otherwise be greatly marked up, stimulate innovators to promote the optimal use of their registered products, and incentivize the development of new medicines for heretofore neglected diseases.

HIF has been launched in Oslo in 2008 (through CSMN).
The purpose of the panel discussion is to remind of the HIF proposal and to provide participants with an up-to-date account of our work on detailing its design and winning stakeholder feed-back and support.

Panel members:

Sophie Bloemen
Godelieve van Heteren
Thomas Pogge
Goran Tomson
Sigrun Møgedal (Chair)

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