Er det liberale demokratiet i trøbbel?

Is liberal democracy in trouble?


Civil night and book launch

mandag 14. januar 2019, kl. 18:30 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Civita - Den liberale tankesmien

Inngang: Gratis med påmelding

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Historically, liberal democracy has been extremely successful. Humans have never been healthier, richer or lived longer.

In her new book Democracy in Trouble - An essay on how and why democracies can break , author Bård Larsen describes a time when the West is characterized by mistrust and fatalism. Larsen writes that the turmoil we experience is a battle for ideas. But also about reality understandings and identity. In the new media reality, conflicting information is thrown out about what is happening around us.

But how wrong is it, and what are the reasons behind much of the populist unrest?

To discuss the book with author Bård Larsen, we have invited Secretary of State Sveinung Rotevatn (V) and Cathrine Moe Thorleifsson , a researcher at the Center for Extremism Research at UiO.

The book will be available for sale at the meeting.