The minority language meänkieli


Lecture by Mona Mörtlund

søndag 22. september 2019, kl. 15:00 til kl. 18:00

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Kven Østlandet

Inngang: Gratis

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

Lecture by Mona Mörtlund, author and translator for meänkieli. Mona Mörtlund has written plays for several theaters, including for the Swedish National Theater. She is a lecturer, blogger, STR activist, social critic and occasionally also a singer.

She writes, among others:

«Another major interest over the years has been language and cultural issues. I was one of the initiators of the formation of the Swedish Tornedalingar Riksförbund - Tornionlaaksolaiset 1981 and was also the first chairman of the federation. »

For STR-T and meänkieli, with her versatile engagement she has been just as important as Terje Aronsen has been for Kven and the establishment of the Norwegian Women's Association. In her lecture, she will, among other things, based on Alf Nilsen Børskog's novel "Kuosuvaaran takana", compare our two sister languages.

"Tell your story", information about the importance of and how to tell / report his Kven history to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission v / Jan Daleng, deputy head of the Norwegian Women's Association

Bring all the kven you know - and others interested! Come! Tervettulua !! Welcome!!

Food and drink can be purchased at the Literature House restaurant, Kafe Oslo.