Living light?


Pushing the Borders for the Understanding of Life

Wednesday 16. May 2018, 10:00 until 18:00

Venue: Kjelleren - The Basement

Host: Nordic-Light-Association

Entrance: Registration / 100,-


On this day – UNESCO Day of Light – we celebrate the light in a special way: with a “Light Lab” where you can see and sense cutting-edge research in the fields of health and ecology. Meet professionals in physics, ecology, medicine and holistic healthcare for hands-on experience, reflection and dialogue!

After a seminar at 10:30 to 13:30 with the pioneer in energy medicine Dr. James Oschman, the afternoon begins at 14:00 with short presentations, demos and exhibitions. We will round off with a panel discussion on light and health.
The morning seminar requires early registration here, the afternoon session is drop-in for 100 kr (> 10 Dollars / Euros).


See also the international conference “Life Light” in the days before. It is the annual conference of the International Light Association. 13.-15.5. in Oslo.

Facebook: International Light Conference 2018



Part 1: Biophoton – Seminar with Dr. James Oschman

10:00-13:30 Detecting the Human Biophoton Field: Theory and Practice

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Part 2: Light Lab, exhibitions, demos, lectures, panel discussions

13:30: Registration; exhibitions


Exhibition by Dr. med Jens H. Karow: Observing Energy Fields and Light Phenomena in Food and Technology

Exhibition by Uwe Geier: Qalitative Research on Light with Deep Sensoric Methods.

Exhibition by Mathias Busl / Research Center for Biodynamic Development: Making the Light in our Food Visible – Holistic Food Quality Research with Biophoton Counts, Chromatography and Deep Sensoric Methods

Exhibition by Mathias Busl (LichtYam am Andreashof): The Chinese Yam – a Carrier of Light for Human Nutrition


14:00: Welcome. Introduction to the exhibitions and demos, by Raphael Kleimann

14:15-15:00: Short presentations I. Light in Food

 Dr. Uwe Geier: New frontiers in Research: Sensing the Light. Empathic Food Testing: Application in Seed Production, Lighting and Organic Agriculture

Dr. Jens Hagen Karow: Observing the Light – Sensitive Quality Assessment with Inner Imaging

Matthias Busl: Biophoton Counts and Picture Forming Methods – Synergies in Food Quality Assessment


15:00-15:15: Break, exhibition, demos

 15:15-16:15: Short presentations II. Healing with Light – Healing the Light

 Dr. Uwe Geier: When “Green” Lighting Becomes Dirty Light…. Psychological and Health Effects of LED in Schools: An Empirical Study

Renzo Celani: Stimulating Self-Regulation with Biophoton Realignment Mirrors

Dr. James Oschman: Structure and Properties of the Quantum Information Field

Raphael Kleimann: Enlightening “the Field”: The Body of Light in Past and Future Healing Techniques


16:15: Break, exhibition, demos

16:30: Panel Discussion: Pushing the Borders for the Understanding of Life
“Does Food Radiate Light?” – “Light in Healing?” – “Light Pollution – the new Environmental Challenge?”

with Dr. J. Oschman, Dr. U. Geier, Dr. J.H. Karow, Raphael Kleimann, Renzo Celani  a.o.

17:30: closure