Peruansk, meksikansk og argentinsk mat 1

Peruvian, Mexican and Argentinian food


Tuesday 18. September 2018, at 18:00 until at 21:00

Venue: Amalie Skram

Host: Kafe Oslo, Aymara, Spansk festival og Unicef

Entrance: Reservations:

Prices: Per person, food and drinks/wine 580,-

Peruvian, Mexican and Argentinian food

We gather around tables laden with food and drink for shared conversations about gastronomy with Latin chefs. This evening, we will improvise around Peruvian, Mexican and Argentinian food. There will be generous dishes with tasty drinks. The chefs will talk about the origins and the common roots of the Latin American cuisine, and its influence on the gastronomy of the world. We can also see a fusion culture here in Norway. Ceviche, tacos, asados, patacones and more. Together with the Spanish Festival, Kafe Oslo and restaurant Aymara, we promise an eventful evening.

All proceeds from the evening will go to UNICEF.

580,- NOK for all food and drinks/wine. Reservation: