Embodied Sexuality


An experiential workshop

Saturday 16. November 2019, at 12:00 until at 12:45

Venue: Amalie Skram

Host: Nytfestivalen

Entrance: Festivalpass eller dagspass

Prices: Helgepass 950,-Helgepass student 550,-Dagspass fredag/søndag 390,-Dagspass lørdag 490,-

Unleash the creative sensual genius in you and step into your power!

How do we know if we are embodying our sexual nature? What words do we use to express our needs and desires? How do we step into our sensual power? Creativity and sensuality are interlinked. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to this experiential workshop with carefully guided exercises and the use of art materials. Unleash the creative sensual genius in you and step into your power. No experience necessary. No nudity involved. Everyone is welcome.

Alexandra aka Lexie Koren is a psychotherapist and art therapist specializing in sexology. With over 20 years’ experience from both the public and private sector she has lived and practiced in London, where she gained her master’s degree in psychotherapy. Lexie is now based in Oslo. She is passionate about helping people break free from old stories and support them in their search for a more fulfilling existence.