Pressefrihet i Tyrkia? 1

Press freedom in Turkey?


Meet the activist Gürkan Özturan

Monday 16. April 2018, 18:00 until 19:00

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Norsk PEN

Entrance: Gratis

Gürkan Özturan will give a brief introduction to the history of press in Turkey starting with the printing press, early days of censorship, social development and publications in Turkey in the republican years. Moving on to the background on the development of contemporary media since 1970s and how the situation has been deteriorating in the last two decades continuously hitting rock bottom very recently.

The program will end with a discussion on possible ways out of the current flood, the alternative media and citizen initiatives for right to accurate, reliable and verified information.

Gürkan Özturan is the executive manager of rights-focused independent citizen journalism platform dokuz8news which publishes news emerging from social platforms & human rights networks across Turkey, and recently started a project on Developing Data Journalism Capacity, in the shadow if the increasing repression of critical voices in Turkey. He has studied in Istanbul, Uppsala, Nice and Berlin. His academic and activist expertise is right wing populism and digital rights & liberties, and he is published and interviewed by many of the major news outlets. Özturan is a board member for Turkey Europe Foundation, and also contributes to the work of several other NGOs.