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Zen and Humanism


Lecture with Koshin Christopher Cain

Tuesday 5. February 2019, at 18:30 until at 20:30

Venue: Nedjma

Host: Rinzai Zen Senter

Rinzai zen-senter Oslo has invited Koshin Cain Osho to do a public talk as a part of his visit to Norway in February. The topic of the talk is “Zen and Humanism – How the Meeting of East and West Can Help Both”: The Zen and humanist traditions share a few fundamental tenants: The central importance of human well-being; a belief in individual authority; a distrust of superstition. Their differences are plentiful too. In this lecture Koshin Christopher Cain will suggest lessons that the humanist tradition can teach Zen, as well as a thing or two humanism might learn from Zen.