Utleie 6



  • Size: 60m2

  • Floor: 2.etg

  • Capacity: 18 - 40stk


  • Standard: 3500,-

  • Open public events: 2000,-

  • Prices excl. VAT

Kverneland (60m2) is a smaller room on the first floor which fits max. 40 people in rows of chairs, 30 people at small tables or two long tables, or 18 people in a semicircle.

The room has its name from Steffen Kverneland who has made the original drawing for a large wall painting with contemporary Norwegian authors. The painting spans seven metres and covers one of the walls in room.

Kverneland is among other uses suitable for press conferences, seminars, launches, and meetings. It is also suitable to be used in combination with the nearby room, Amalie Skram.



  • Rows of chairs: 40 Persons

  • Small tables and chairs: 30 Persons

  • Long tables and chairs: 30 Persons

  • Semicircle: 22 Persons

  • Semicircle with tables: 18 Persons

Technical equipment

Tekniske behov må spesifiseres minimum én uke før arrangementet. Komplett liste over teknisk utstyr fåes på forespørsel.


    Small audio package deal800,-

    • Sound system

    • Projector

    • 1-3 wired microphones

    • Audio from computer*

    * Counts as a microphone
    Merk: 25% Mva kommer i tillegg ved utleie til organisasjoner og bedrifter som er momspliktige. Prislisten justeres den 1. januar hvert år.