Kjelleren 8

Kjelleren – The Basement


  • Size: 130m2

  • Floor: U.etg

  • Capacity: 32 - 100stk


  • Standard: 7500,-

  • Open public events: 5000,-

  • Prices excl. VAT

Kjelleren (130 m2) is a medium-sized room in the basement. It can fit 64 people at small tables, with the option of supplying with extra chairs for a total of 100 people. If requested, the room can be arranged with rows of chairs for 100 people or long tables seating 32. Kjelleren is a cosy venue with bookshelves along the walls. It is suitable for debates, launches, dinners, and social events.

Regarding requests to hang something from the ceiling in Kjelleren: Note that it is approx. 2.20 meters in height to a row of roof beams.


Price information

Please note that Kjelleren, as opposed to the other rooms, has a permanent set-up with café tables seating 64 which can be supplied with more chairs for a total of 100 people. If another set-up is required, an extra charge of 1000 NOK follows.


  • Small tables and chairs: 64 Persons

  • Small tables with extra chairs: 100 Persons

  • Rows of chairs (extra charge):: 32 Persons

  • Long tables (extra charge): 100 Persons

Technical equipment

Tekniske behov må spesifiseres minimum én uke før arrangementet. Komplett liste over teknisk utstyr fåes på forespørsel.

Small audio package deal800,-

  • Sound system

  • Projector

  • 1-3 wired microphones

Large audio package deal1200,-

  • Sound system

  • Projector

  • 4-8 wired microphones

  • Audio from computer*

  • 2 wireless microphones (headset/handheld)**

  • Other needs per request

* Counts as a microphone ** Goes under max. amount of microphones and requires use of one of The House of Literature’s internal technicians
Merk: 25% Mva kommer i tillegg ved utleie til organisasjoner og bedrifter som er momspliktige. Prislisten justeres den 1. januar hvert år.