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Is it compatible with good medical ethics?

mandag 11. februar 2019, kl. 18:00 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Menneskeverd og Tankesmien skaperkraft

Inngang: Gratis

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Is active euthanasia compatible with good medical ethics?

Psychiatrist and expert on active euthanasia, Mark S. Komrad, comes on a visit to Norway, and on this occasion, the Human Dignity and the Tankesmien Creator Invite to a thematic meeting on active euthanasia. Komrad will, among other things, share experiences from the use of active euthanasia in Canada, the United States and Benelux.

Who is Mark S. Komrad?

Mark Komrad has worked as a psychiatrist for more than 30 years. In addition to having his own practice of treating patients, he teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland and Tulane University. Komrad travels around the world to lift the ethical debate around active euthanasia. He uses medical ethics and his own experience as a psychiatrist to justify why active euthanasia should not be allowed. Komrad has also received several awards, including “Mental Health Professional of the Year” from The National Alliance on Mental Illness.