Albert Åberg for voksneFoto: Jörn H. Moen

Albert Åberg for adults


Gunilla Bergström, Liv Gulbrandsen and the Kalask Quartet

fredag 10. mai 2019, kl. 18:00 til kl. 20:00 – Avlyst

Arrangementet er dessverre avlyst på grunn av sykdom.  Billetter kjøpt på nett refunderes automatisk til den konto billetten ble kjøpt fra.For spørsmål om refundering av billetter, send en epost til eller ta kontakt med adminstrasjonen, som er åpen 10-15 mandag til fredag (ikke i påskeuka).

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Billett

Priser: Ordinær 250,-

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The Albert Åberg books have the children as their primary target group. Still, tired parents are not tempted to cut into the text. Gunilla Bergström 's text and image collaborate seamlessly, the visual expression is distinctive and the character portrayals are close, warm and human.

Based on the child's subjectivity and individual experience of the world, Bergström created a new type of hero. Albert Åberg is a child with both good and bad qualities, and has a father who can be believed. Bergström has always had a desire to engage in dialogue with his contemporary, also in ways other than giving Albert a single dad. The creepy cousins each get their cellphone, and Albert gets a friend with a dad who has been a soldier in war.

We are celebrating quality literature this evening. For quality, quality is independent of the age of the target group. Author Liv Gulbrandsen meets Bergström for conversation. Then the Kalask Quartet makes its version of Georg Riedel. The jazz composer was behind the familiar tune of Albert Åberg, as well as music for the TV series about Pippi and Emil. Emil Strandberg (trumpet), Johan Lindvall (keys), Ola Høyer (double bass) and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen (drums) play - with guest Rohey Talaah .