Is a city without cars possible?

tirsdag 14. mai 2013, kl. 18:00

Sal: Amalie Skram

Arrangør: The Green UiO-team og Oslo kommune - Framtidens byer og Grønn mobilitet

Inngang: Gratis

J. H. Crawford, known for his work for carfree cities and running the web community, is coming to Oslo to present his ideas and approaches. Oslo has high ambitions when it comes to green mobility. Transport is an aspect of concern also for the University of Oslo. Many students are taking the lead in finding ways to make a carfree everyday life work. But is a carfree city possible? Well; come and see how.

UiO and Oslo: A green university in a green capital?
Jorulf Brøvig Silde, Green UiO, University of Oslo

Oslo Mobility Week: how are we expected to get around?
Hans Cats Myhre, Bymiljøetaten Oslo.

Carfree cities in Norway: Past, present and future perspecties
Torbjørn Bjønness, environmental advisor at Technical Department at University of Oslo

Going Carfree – What are the main issues?
Problems of auto-centric societies.
The time available to solve the problems
Conceptual design of new carfree cities.
Retrofitting existing cities.
J. H. Crawford,


Questions and comments.