China powers the world


The rise of China and the global footprints of China’s foreign policy

torsdag 2. mai 2013, kl. 14:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Fridtjof Nansen Institute, with Atlanterhavskomiteen and Polyteknisk Forening

Inngang: Billett

Welcome to a unique exchange on China’s rise and what a resurgent China will mean for Norway, Europe and the world with Professor Yan Xuetong, Dean of Tsinghua University’s Institute of International Studies, eminent Chinese foreign policy expert and a close advisor to the new Chinese leadership, in an interactive session with a distinguished team of China experts from the European Council on Foreign Relations:

Francois Godement, Head of the China Programme at ECFR, Professor of political science at Science Po in Paris and Director of strategy of the Paris-based Asia Centre, editor of China Analysis and author of China: the scramble for Europeas well his in depth study of Chinese domestic politics, Que veut la Chine. He is also contributor to the new book China 3.0.

Mark Leonard, Director of the Council and author of many influential books, including What Does China Think (translated into 14 languages) and editor of China 3.0.

Jonas Parello-Plesner, Senior Policy fellow, also now with ECFR, former Danish and EU diplomat specialising on China affairs, educated at LSE, London, ENA, Paris and Copenhagen University. He is also contributor to China 3.0.

Thomas König, China programme coordinator at ECFR, former diplomat in Beijing and educated at Yale University, Peking University and SOAS in London

Topics for discussion:
•Chinese foreign policy after the leadership change – inward- or outward-looking?
•How will China’s policy towards North Korea evolve?
•Post Diaoyu/Senkaku tensions – implications for regional security and the role of China •Recent visits to Moscow and Africa – a shift away from Europe (and the US)?
•Domestic reforms – is the grip on the population loosening?
•The pollution crisis: Taking the environment seriously – How China can tackle the issue (and how we can help) •Natural resources of the High North – how Norway can address increased interest from China and Russia •What to expect at the May Arctic Council meeting in Kiruna – why China (and Asia) should or should not be more involved.