Regarding the Other: Zen-foredragFoto: Stephen Ice

Death Our Companion


Foredrag og samtale

tirsdag 4. februar 2020, kl. 19:00 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Rinzai zen-senter Oslo

Inngang: Gratis

Hvert år inviterer Rinzai zen-senter Oslo den amerikanske zen-munken Koshin Cain Osho til Oslo, blant annet for å holde et åpent foredrag. Denne gangen skal han snakke om intet mindre enn døden. Koshin skriver: «We humans are the only animal that fully comprehends we will die. We have self-reflective consciousness which has given us the ability to think and imagine, and has allowed us to shape our environment and build civilizations.  This awareness comes with a catch – the knowledge that we will die. Zen practice gives us a way to relate to death and live more fully as a result»

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