Dyslexia, Language and Intervention


Foredrag ved Margaret Snowling

tirsdag 1. juni 2010, kl. 18:30

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: DL Consultancy

Inngang: Gratis

ved professor Margaret Snowling, University of York. (Foredraget holdes på engelsk) 

Kl. 19.30: Spørsmål og svar

Dyslexia, Speech and Language: A Practitioner’s Handbook av Margaret Snowling

Margaret Snowling holds a personal Chair in the Department of Psychology at the University of York. Her research focuses on the interface between spoken and written language skills, with a particular emphasis on developmental disorders of reading and language. Her research aims to develop causal theories of childhood disorders from empirical research using a variety of methods, including cross-sectional, longitudinal and intervention methodologies. One of the main objectives of this work is to develop theoretically motivated interventions to ameliorate children’s learning difficulties and to prevent a downward spiral towards poor educational achievements and problems of social adaptation. Her clinical work combines insights from research and practice. Maggie firmly believes that major insights about the causes and consequences of learning disorders come from individual case work and consequently, she continues to run a diagnostic clinic in the Department of Psychology for children and families with language and learning difficulties.

She was elected Fellow of the British Academy on 16th July 2009. On receiving the award she stated that she is committed to supporting children with special needs to fulfil their potential and much of her research and teaching reflects this theme. She feels very strongly about enabling the academic careers of women, she loves working in collaboration with others, and is very proud of the achievements of her group. For these reasons and many others too, she is extremely honoured to be elected Fellow of the British Academy.