Fertility Seminar


How to defeat IVF failures?

tirsdag 21. mars 2023, kl. 18:00 til kl. 21:00

Sal: Skram (2. et)

Arrangør: OLGA Fertility Clinic

Inngang: Free entry

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How we shorten time to pregnancy and guarantee live birth even after multiple IVF failures and losses?

Dear Friends, we are looking forward to meeting single women and couples who are on their journey to parenthood, in our seminar in Oslo 18 January.

In this seminar we will explain our technology of IVF with own eggs which enables us to guarantee live birth even after multiple unsuccessful attempts in local clinics.

If any of the following questions has ever come to your mind, please join our seminar, and get your answers!

  • What are the most frequent reasons for implantation failures and early pregnancy losses and how to overcome them?
  • How to achieve competent eggs and viable blastocysts to create ongoing pregnancy and healthy live birth?
  • What is happening in the eggs with the age and how can we improve success rates in older women?
  • How can PGT-A help and whom?
  • Whom do hysteroscopy and ERA test help?
  • What steps does our IVF process include?
  • How does our IVF process overcome each and every “reason of bad luck” and leads to success?
  • How can we guarantee live birth or money back to patients who were given up in local clinics?

Our leading specialists will also be available for personal one-to-one talks after the seminar.