ForeldremagiIll. Janne Rugland

parents Magi


With Hedvig Montgomery

tirsdag 12. februar 2019, kl. 18:00 til kl. 20:30

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Montgomery AS

Inngang: Billett

Priser: Enkeltperson 750,-Par 1000,-

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How do you get a happy child? What mistakes are the most common parents making? And what is the most important thing you as a parent do during a childhood?
Parental magic is written by psychologist Hedvig Montgomery. The book has been on the bestseller list since it was released six months ago, and is the first book in a box series sold to 23 countries. In this course, Hedvig shares her experiences and best tricks, and helps parents find a path to what everyone wants: Children and adults who are comfortable with themselves.