Forstå psykopati

By bullying and psychological violence


Understand psychopathy

mandag 2. september 2019, kl. 18:30 til kl. 21:30

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Epitel

Inngang: Gratis

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How to recognize psychopathic traits? For those who are experiencing psychological abuse, it is important to know what is happening and that help is available.

This evening, Epitel invites you to a panel discussion with some of the country's most skilled professionals in the field. Hear forensic psychiatrist Randi Rosenqvist , psychiatrist Arne Thorvik , lawyer Jon Alshus , member of the Health and Care Committee at the Storting, Carl-Erik Grimstad and head of Epitel, Elin Brastein . Music by Ulf Nilsen . The evening is led by author Per A. Nordengen .

We find that knowledge of psychopathic traits makes it possible to move from powerlessness to strength in health-threatening conflicts. Epitel has since 2009 offered help, advice and guidance to victims of mental violence - their relatives - and professionals. We are now marking Epithel's 10th anniversary with a free event open to everyone. Welcome!

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