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Fri Very Happy


Inspiration day with author Gitte Jørgensen and Ranvita la Cour

lørdag 15. juni 2019, kl. 11:00 til kl. 16:00 – Avlyst

Sal: Kverneland

Arrangør: Gitte Jørgensen

Inngang: Påmelding til

Priser: Voksen 875,-

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

What does it take to develop your own free, wild and happy life force? How can you as a woman create upward positive life spirals - and maintain them? And how can one use his intuitive power and gut feeling to create a life that not only looks good - but also feels good?

NB Special Guest at. 2.00pm : Danish Ranvita la Cour , spiritual mentor and author of Love Your Home and Love Your Bedroom . Ranvita writes on the book Buy more Boots - ten tips that can save my friends' lives and will in his lecture tell about his own journey towards exercising his inner free, wild and happy power.

This is an inspirational day, where you take time off from duties and give yourself some hours of refills and new thoughts. Where you can sit back and enjoy receiving inspiration, knowledge and tools for your life. Where you can also meet and network with other women and enjoy yourself along the way.

Gitte Jørgensen is the author of Pippi Power and When the Soul Calls . For the past ten years she has traveled extensively in Norway and has held courses and lectures and has been on Norwegian TV2 Norway several times.

Languages: Danish / Norwegian

Break from 1 pm to 2 pm.

Information and registration: . Deposit to Nordea Norway: 6021.07.46946. Once you deposit, your seat is secured.