Breakfast meeting


About the oral health of the elderly

tirsdag 4. juni 2019, kl. 09:00 til kl. 10:30

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Det odontologiske faktultet, UiO

Inngang: Gratis

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All parts of the body work together. But in the health care system today, everything that happens in the oral cavity is somewhere else. Because we do not see the entire patient, we miss important causal relationships and the patient suffers unnecessarily.

This lack of holistic thinking is especially evident in the medical treatment of the aging part of the population. To highlight this widespread problem, the Faculty of Dentistry invites an interdisciplinary breakfast meeting.


Contributors are:

• NRK journalist Helene Sandvig. In the book "A Slow Farewell," she describes how upset she became when her father's teeth began to fall out after he arrived in a nursing home. She worried if it caused him pain he couldn't put into words, and eventually she saw how difficult it was for him to get food.

• Associate Professor Lene Hystad Hove and Professor Janicke Cecilie Liaaen Jensen, Faculty of Dentistry. As clinicians, they have both experienced the great suffering patients get when oral health is not taken care of, and calls for more research into the elderly's oral health.

• Anne Moen, professor at the medical faculty. She is a researcher in welfare technology and has among other things developed the app "Appetitus" to promote the appetite of the elderly and prevent malnutrition. In addition to being used by the elderly themselves, the app can be a tool for relatives and health professionals.

• Pernille Bruusgaard works as a consultant with specialty nursing home medicine. For many years she has warned about over-medicating old patients. She works systematically and purposefully to reduce the use of medicine among nursing home patients, and is concerned about the negative effects of medicines on oral health, which results in reduced health and quality of life.

• Professor Linda Hildegaard Bergersen at the Faculty of Dentistry. Linda has argued that we need a holistic approach to research on the elderly. She is also Professor II at the Center for Healthy Aging at the Universe in Copenhagen.

The event is free and open to all, and is supported by UiO: Life Sciences

Breakfast is served from 08:30.

The event is streamed here .