Brain, art and creativity


Saturday lecture by Espen Dietrichs

lørdag 27. september 2008, kl. 15:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Gratis

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The brain is human - everything we do, feel, think and believe is controlled from the brain. And modern brain research has shown us how everything we experience leaves traces of the brain. This shapes and underlies small changes in brain function. Since artistic creativity is also controlled from the brain, this means that creativity is constantly evolving. Dietrichs will tell and show how the brain changes and how this can lead to changes in the artistic expression. He will give examples of how brain diseases have influenced creative artists, and how artists have used both their own and others' illness experiences as the basis for their creativity.

Espen Dietrichs is Head of Department at the Department of Neurology at the National Hospital and Professor of Neurology at the University of Oslo. He has recently published several books on the relationship between the brain and artistic creativity.

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