Hong Kong Protest MovementFoto: Joseph Chan / Unsplash.

Hong Kong Protest Movement


Preserving the Truth

lørdag 12. juni 2021, kl. 12:00 til kl. 17:30

Sal: Skram (2. et)

Arrangør: Hongkong-komiteen

Inngang: Gratis med påmelding

This June marks 2 years since the start of the Hong Kong protest movement. A full-day free public event will be arranged at Litteraturhuset in Oslo to arouse public awareness on the Hong Kong situation. Programme includes screening of documentaries, including the award-winning film “Do Not Split”, exhibition about the protest movement, a lecture on protests’ background, a panel conversation titled “2019 Hong Kong eye witnesses’, and a set-up for the public to write letters to jailed activists.


12:00-2:00 pm: “2019 Hong Kong eye witnesses” incl. screening of “Do Not Split”
– Introduction of the day
– A 30-min presentation about Hong Kong’s summer protests in 2019, by Deputy Leader of Hong Kong Committee in Norway, Arne Melsom
– Screening of Oscar-nominated documentary “Do Not Split”, directed by award-winning Norwegian documentarist and journalist Anders Hammer. The 35-min documentary has captured “the determination and sacrifices of the protesters, the government’s backlash, and the passage of the new Beijing-backed national security law” in Hong Kong.
– A 45-min panel conversation with invited guest speakers that were in Hong Kong and witnessed the protests in 2019.

2:00-2:30 pm: “Walking with Hongkongers from 2019 to 2021”
– Photo shows and videos related to the protest movement will be displayed quietly, including Hong Kong Committee in Norway’s ‘Interview with Photojournalists’ series, which covers topics such as ‘Universities under sieges’ and ‘Police Abuse of Power’.

2:30-3:20 pm: “Who owns the truth” [To be confirmed]
– [Tentative] Screening of award-winning documentary “Hong Kong Connection: 7.21 Who owns the truth”, produced by RTHK. The 23-min documentary covers the 7.21 incident in Yuen Long, Hong Kong in July 2019, the narrative of which has morphed from a mob attack of white-clad men on ordinary people into a violent confrontation between men in white T-shirts and men wearing black.
– 20 min Break

3:20-4:40 pm: “Save PolyU”
– Screening of award-winning documentary “Save PolyU”, directed by Hong Kong journalist Hoikit Cheng. The 60-min documentary shows exclusive clips inside the campus during the 13-day siege of the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong in November 2019.
– 20 min Break

4:40-5:30 pm: “Hongkongers in exile”
– Screening of a 28-min DW Documentary “Escape from Hong Kong – A New Life in British Exile” about four Hongkongers and their everyday life in exile in UK, including Nathan Law
– Closing of the day.