Norsk klimapolitikk for dummiesSnøhvit utenfor Hammerfest Foto: Creative commons

Norwegian climate policy for dummies


Saturday lecture at Åslaug Haga

lørdag 23. februar 2019, kl. 15:00 til kl. 16:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Gratis

Oppdatert onsdag 29. mai 2019, kl. 15:54


Foredraget er nå tilgjengelig som podkast!

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Since 1990, Norway has consistently hit our climate targets. Although the environment ministers talk warmly about Norway's climate action, our emissions continue to rise, while emissions from our neighboring countries are declining.

Neither in the state budget nor in the political games of the autumn was the biggest challenge of our time any topic. What is the reason for this, and how does it match our ambitious position internationally? Are there any structures that prevent the necessary changes? How should we get on the right course in the future?

Åslaug Haga is a former leader of the Center Party, and has backgrounds as a diplomat, parliamentary politician, Minister of State and Minister of Petroleum and Energy (2007-2008). Today, she is a director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Based on her many years in politics, she will reflect on Norway's climate policy.