Livbåten drømmerDetalj av tegning: Vanessa Baird

The lifeboat dreams


Finnegans Wake in Norwegian

fredag 26. oktober 2018, kl. 19:00 til kl. 21:00

Sal: Kjelleren

Arrangør: Norsk psykoanalytisk forening

Inngang: Billettsalg på nett

Priser: Ordinær 200,-Student 100,-

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

Finnegans Wake is read by many as a dream, but is also more than 60,000 different words, many of them new. A freely flowing and undulating language universe. Author Leif Høghaug will read from his translation of James Joyce's latest major novel and conversation with psychoanalyst Herman Brun in this version of Freud's bar.