Matpolitikk for dummies 3

Food policy for dummies


Saturday lectures spring 2019

4. mai 2019 - 5. juni 2019

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Gratis

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Are consumer powers real? Should we exchange meat with avocado from Chile, and how can both meat consumption and food waste increase in spite of everything after a quarter of a year? What politics has created the situation that I have today, and what alternative is there?

As a consumer, it is difficult to know what information to trust when it comes to eating in a climate friendly and sustainable way. At the same time, one can say that there is a big deal in the Storting about how one wishes to develop Norwegian agriculture further. Isn't that a paradox?

In the lecture series "Food policy for dummies", we look more closely at Norwegian agriculture and food production:

4.05pm: Consumer power for dummies by Siri Helle

11.05: Norwegian fisheries policy for dummies by Jahn Petter Johnsen

25.05: Meat, climate and biodiversity for dummies by Christian Anton Smedshaug

1.06: Agricultural policy for dummies by Espen Løkeland-Stai

5.06: Strategy discussion: Food policy, with Svenn Arne Lie, Hildegunn Gjengedal and Maria Lavik

The lecture will be held at. 15:00 selected Saturdays and is part of the initiative Folkeopplysning at Literature House.