Automatisk kladd 17Foto: Hans Jørgen Brun

Soft hand over the cheek


Edvard Hoem, Herborg Kråkevik and Endre Ruset

mandag 20. mai 2019, kl. 19:00 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Billett

Priser: Ordinær 100,-Student 70,-

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Change: Unfortunately, Kolbein Falkeid has had to cancel his participation due to illness, and the conversation instead becomes a deep dive in Falkeid's authorship with Herborg Kråkevik, Edvard Hoem and Endre Ruset. For more information or reimbursement of tickets, contact or tel. 22 95 55 30.

It's about everyday life and the ocean. About the great darkness. And about the joy that comes in small tight throws. Kolbein Falkeid made his major literary breakthrough with the collection of poems Another Sun from 1989. In total he has published over twenty collections of poems. He is often referred to as a popular poet and is one of the exclusive poets who also reaches out to those who do not usually read poetry. He also has many years behind him as a copywriter for Vamp and wrote, among other things, the huge success "Tir n'a Noir".

Actor and singer Herborg Kråkevik has for years gone around with one of Falkeid's poetry books in his purse. Now comes the Nomad and the farmer - an impossible couple , a release where Kråkevik engages in dialogue with Falkeid's strong poetic views on life. "Reading a Falkeid poem is like feeling a soft hand stroke across the cheek," she writes there. Another who has followed Falkeid's writing closely is author Edvard Hoem .

In the preface to Kolbein Falkeid's Selected Poems, Paal-Helge Haugen mentions the poet's colleague as a poet of conversation: Kolbein Falkeid is not only in conversation with his audience, he also does it in his work which translates and weaves references to other literature and poetry.

Now Edvard Hoem, Herborg Kråkevik and author Endre Ruset meet in a deep dive in Falkeid's authorship.