Myter og fakta: Forskjeller mellom gutter og jenters skoleresultater i Norden



onsdag 15. januar 2020, kl. 10:30 til kl. 13:00

Sal: Skram

Arrangør: Nordforsk

Inngang: Gratis

Seminar om myter og fakta om forskjeller mellom gutter og jenters skoleresultater i Norden.


Seminar on Myths and Facts: Gender Gaps in Nordic Educational Achievement

Girls and boys in Nordic schools do not demonstrate the same levels of academic achievement. What causes the differences and how will this affect Nordic health, welfare and working life in the future? There is a need for new, shared Nordic insights in order to better understand the dynamic and learn more about these issues.

The event will take place 15 January 2020 at Litteraturhuset, Oslo, and it will be live-streamed.

According to an OECD report, the gender gap in educational performance in Nordic schools is greater than other European countries. There is a wide array of facts and myths as to why this is the case in the public debate, but what does research in this area tell us, and where is there a need to know more?

This seminar will discuss the knowledge gaps that have been identified in the report ”New Chances – Better Learning” from the Norwegian National Commission on Gender Equity in Education, headed by Camilla Stoltenberg.


Programme 15 January 2020

10:30 Registration of participants and coffee

10:55 Moderator’s opening words,
Chief Program Officer, Jan-Ole Hesselberg, Stiftelsen Dam.

11:00 Opening words,
Julie M. Remen, State Secretary for Norwegian Minister of Education and Research

11:10 Gender Gaps in Educational Achievement from a Nordic Perspective,
Director General Camilla Stoltenberg, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

11:25 Education Policy for Health Equality – Lessons for the Nordic Region,
Senior Adviser Helena Lohmann, Nordic Welfare Centre

11:40 Panel Discussion

  • Director General Camilla Stoltenberg, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Dean and Professor in Pedagogy Fritjof Sahlström, Åbo Akademi
  • Senior Adviser Helena Lohmann, Nordic Welfare Centre

  • Executive Boardmember Ann Mari Milo Lorentzen, Union of Education Norway

Submit questions to the panelists here.

12:30 The Way Forward,
Director Arne Flåøyen, NordForsk

12:45 Lunch


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