NATO’s 2030 reflection process and the new Strategic Concept

Refleksjonsprosessen Nato 2030 og nytt strategisk konsept


Implikasjoner for sikkerhet i Nord-Europa.

mandag 31. januar 2022, kl. 13:00 til kl. 16:00

Sal: Digitalt

Arrangør: Forsvarets høgskole

Inngang: Gratis - Påmelding for tilgang til digital strømmelenke

This seminar concludes the IFS research and dialogue programme, Security in Northern Europe (SNE), supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. The programme has been premised on the idea that the United Stated, the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway have a stake and share an interest in Northern European security.

Throughout the programme period, the partner institutions CSIS, RUSI, DGAP and IFS have scrutinised the precarious security dilemmas facing the transatlantic community in general and Northern Europe in particular. Shared concerns have been analysed through national prisms, and the totality of views has always captured more than the sum of the parts.

In this final seminar we apply this analytical approach to the ongoing strategy processes in NATO.

The NATO 2030 reflection process and the current formulation of a new Strategic Concept.

  • What should NATOs new strategic concept look like?
  • What should the scope of the concept be?
  • Should it be tailored to the complexity of a rapidly evolving global security environment or remain focused on the existing core tasks?
  • How solid is the internal consensus on a strategic reconfiguration?

During the seminar, these questions will be addressed and we will hear views from four capitals with analyses and assessments of what appears to be the most pressing and difficult issues for NATO and allied countries going forward.