Noen dør 20 år for tidlig

Some die 20 years prematurely


Do we have to accept it?

onsdag 8. mai 2019, kl. 16:30 til kl. 19:00

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Hjernerådet og Nansen Neuroscience Network

Inngang: Gratis med påmelding

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“People who struggle with serious psychological challenges and intoxicants live up to 20 years shorter than the rest of the population. Twenty years. Do we really take it inside us? I think this is one of the biggest and ugliest inequalities we have in our country. "

This was stated by Health Minister Bent Høie in his hospital speech in January this year. It is not difficult to agree with him. This major inequality is the theme of the meeting organized by the Brain Council and Nansen Neuroscience Network at the Literature House in Oslo on Wednesday 8 May. Must it really be that someone gets such a much shorter life? We must then be able to do something about this.

Mental illness has to do with the brain, and professionals will elucidate the theme. We also have key politicians and representatives from the users. Together we will discuss what we can do to give people with mental illness a better life.

The meeting is free and organized with the support of the pharmaceutical companies Lundbeck, Janssen and Sunovion. Easy catering is served before the meeting. That's why it's enrollment. Sign up here.


Full program:

Meeting chair: Martin Tesli , researcher at the Institute of Public Health

4.30pm: Food and mingling

5 pm: Welcome to Bjarte Reve , general manager of the Nansen Neuroscience Network and Aud Kvalbein , general manager of the Brain Council

5.05pm: Ulrik F. Malt , professor emeritus of psychiatry, head of the Norwegian Psychiatric Association

Why do patients with schizophrenia die 15-20 years before others?

5.30pm: Petter Andreas Ringen , specialist in psychiatry and ward consultant at Oslo University Hospital

Better health for people with mental illness:

The importance of packet progress and somatic follow-up of patients

6 pm: Psychiatry today - political initiatives to improve the situation

Ingvild Kjerkol , MP for the Labor Party : Mental Health Policy.

Sveinung Stensland , Parliamentary Representative for the Right: Government's policy on mental health.

Tove Gundersen , Secretary General of the Council on Mental Health: The patient's perspective - what does the Council for Mental Health think about the political initiative?

6.30pm: Psychiatry today - panel debate

                           All the participants at the meeting participate in the panel debate.                 

7 pm: Closing.