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Translated Evening


Bastian hits with Nina Aspen and Mikael Holmberg

mandag 12. november 2018, kl. 19:00 til kl. 20:00

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Norsk Oversetterforening

Inngang: Gratis

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

The Bastian Prize is the Norwegian Translator's Award for outstanding translation of a fictional literary work. Two awards are normally awarded each year, one for children's and youth literature. This evening, you can meet this year's recipients of the prestigious award, Nina Aspen and Mikael Holmberg, who will talk about their translations of Frida Nilsson's children's book "Arctic Pirates" (from Swedish) and Elias Lönnrot's "Kalevala" (from Finnish).

Nina Aspen (b. 1965) is originally from Haugesund and now lives in Drammen. She is a literary educator and has worked as a freelance translator for twenty years. Aspen translates from English and Swedish, most fiction for adults, children and young people.

In the rationale for the award of the award to Nina Aspen, the jury emphasizes, among other things: “With languages as close to each other as Swedish and Norwegian, it is easy to make mistakes. The fake friends lurk between boats and reins like the pirates in Nilsson's novel. However, translator Aspen navigates steadily between the dangers and makes the result sound Norwegian. In addition, the author takes his readers seriously by not shying away from slightly more advanced words, marine technical terms or designations of fishing techniques and gear. Here Aspen follows up and does not fall for the temptation to simplify. Also more care and poetic passages are well taken care of. ”

Mikael Holmberg (b. 1961) is originally from Finland, but has lived in Norway since 1978. He is an educated illustrator and has published comics and children's books and written a lot of lyrics for himself and others. Holmberg has been editor of the art magazine SIRKEL since 2011.

About Mikael Holmberg and his translation of "Kalevala", the jury says, among other things: "What distinguishes this new translation is not only that it is complete, not only that it is modern, but that it highlights the content to such an extent and lets the language serve as an instrument for the preparation of the many dramatic stories. The translator has found a form of expression that clearly and rhythmically follows the many strikes and cymbals of the action, and he writes with a playfulness and sensuality that makes the stories alive for us today, and probably tomorrow. ”

Holbmberg's translation of the national paper is the first to bookmark and of the complete 1849 edition. The earliest edition of "Kalevala" was translated into New Norwegian by Albert Lange Fliflet, who in 1968 was also awarded the Bastian Prize for the work.

The recipients will present their translations, and it will also be opened for questions and input from the auditorium.


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