Frantz Fanon for dummies

Frantz Fanon for dummies


Saturday lecture by Tore Linné Eriksen

lørdag 3. november 2018, kl. 15:00 til kl. 16:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Gratis

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The psychiatrist, philosopher and activist Frantz Fanon grew up in the French colony of Martinique, and joined the liberation struggle in Algeria. He died in 1961, only 36 years old, but left a wealth of authorship.

In the book Black Skin, White Masks , Fanon uses his own experiences to explain how European racism constructs categories such as blackness and whiteness, while the damned of the Earth analyze how colonialism's system of violence forces "the colonized" to despise their own culture.

How has Fanon's thinking influenced the way it is thought and researched on these topics today? Why should Fanon still be read? And why is Fanon portrayed as both a pro and a revolutionary humanist?

Tore Linné Eriksen is a historian and professor emeritus at OsloMet - Metropolitan University. He gives an introduction to Fanon's life and thinking, and his significance in the history of the Third World.