Privatization versus Sustainable Development and local communities in Latin America


Seminar-Open dialogue

tirsdag 10. mars 2015, kl. 18:00

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Latinamerikansk Forening ved UiO

Inngang: Gratis

What is sustainable development? What will happen when Natural Resources are privatized? Is it positive or negative for local communities? We want to understand how privatization of Natural Resources affects our life and the life on millions of people every day.

This seminar is part of the information campaign «Beskytt Stranda: Privatization of beaches and costal resources in Latin America»

Karen Contreras
from the Latin American Association. She will introduce the information project and the motivation for this seminar.
Mariel Cristian Aguilar Støen from Centre for Development and the Environment at UiO (SUM). She will give a critical talk about the concept of Sustainable development.
Vegard Bye from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and Scanteam. He will give us some thoughts about what privatization means.
John McNeish from Department of International Environment and Development Studies at NMBU. He will talk about the privatization of Natural Resources in Latin America, especially Land.
Tor Opsvik from Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages at UiO (ILOS). He will give an historical overview over the privatization of Natural Resources in Latin America, specially Chile.

After these short presentations we will have an open dialogue between the expert and the public about the consequences of the privatization of Natural Resources.

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