Promoting Clean Energy: What Role for the Norwegian Pension Fund?


onsdag 22. september 2010, kl. 18:00

Sal: Nedjma

Arrangør: Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), UiO

Inngang: Gratis

What should we do with 446 billion dollars? An international panel of experts will debate the ethics and commercial merits of investing a larger share of the Norwegian Pension Fund in the clean energy sector, and reducing investments in dirty companies.

Aled Jones, Deputy Director at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) and Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (CLG).

Carlos Joly, Investor; Visiting Professor, Finance and Climate Change, Ecole Superieur de Commerce, Toulouse.

Martin Sandbu, Economics Editorial Writer, The Financial Times Senior Research Fellow, Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research, Wharton School.

Jeanett Bergan, Head of Resposible Investment, KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS.

– Moderator: Ylva Lindberg, founder and managing director of SIGLA and member of the Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund

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