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Real Sunday


Peder Ask about anxiety

søndag 31. mars 2019, kl. 13:00 til kl. 14:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Tanum Litteraturhuset og Litteraturhuset

Inngang: Gratis

This page is not available in English. Below is the Norwegian page translated by Google.

Due to great interest, an extra lecture has been set up at. 14:30. We hand out free tickets to both rounds from noon, at the entrance to the main hall.

What is anxiety? What happens when we lose ground to our feet? What can anxiety teach us about ourselves?

The psychologist Peder Kjøs has become a well-known and popular personality through his role in the NRK series I Against Me and the NRK Radio podcast Hos Peder . He has also published a number of books on psychology, the latest being simply called Anxiety . Based on research, philosophy, art, literature and his own experiences, he takes us on an exploration of the meaning of anxiety and of how we can deal with it.